Rex Guinea Pig

The Rex Guinea Pig is appreciated for its curly, velvety fur and friendly nature, making it suitable for families and children. Their low maintenance costs make them a popular and beloved pet breed.

Rex Guinea Pig History

The Rex has an interesting history. These pigs originated in France in the 19th century due to a genetic change that gave them their curly fur. They came to the United States in the early 1900s and became popular because of their cute looks and friendly nature. With the passage of time, breeders improved aspects like their fur colors.

Rex Pigs come in many different colors that people love. Even though not all groups recognize them, they are favorite pets, especially for families and New Guinea pig owners who love pets. Some people even show them in competitions where they are judged based on their coat quality and conformation. Some people are also trying to make sure there are different types of Rex Guinea Pigs for the future. Nowadays, people love Rex Guinea for their history, their friendly personality, and, of course, their special curly fur.

Facts about the Rex Guinea Pig

Common nameRex or King Guinea
Temperamentcalm & Friendly
Lifespan4 to 8 years
Weight1 to 3 lbs.
Size8 to 15 inches (up to 18 inches)
Suitable forFirst-time pet owners, children
Similar BreedsTeddies, Tissilar
FurShort, curly, stands on end
Coat ColorsGold,Red,Cream,White,Chocolate

Rex Guinea Pig appearance and overview

Rex Guinea appearance

“Rex” means “king and Rex guinea pig owners often consider them the kings of their breed. But in the animal world, like with cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs, “rexed” fur is a unique term. It describes fur without protective guard hairs, a genetic change found in different mammals.

Guard hairs are the longer hairs surrounded by shorter ones that help protect the skin and make the coat waterproof. A “rexed” coat is rough and wiry, and some animals with this fur type also have curly fur and whiskers, similar to certain cat breeds like the Cornish Rex or Devon Rex.

While some people think that animals with rexed coats are less likely to cause allergies, they are not technically hypoallergenic. The Rex guinea pigs easy to care for coat usually grow to about half an inch in length, and sometimes it shows curls on the belly.

In terms of appearance, people compare Rex guinea pigs to hedgehogs or describe them as “fuzzy potatoes,” emphasizing their unique and adorable look.

Comparison between Rex Guinea Pigs and Teddy Guinea Pigs

Rex guinea pigs and Teddy guinea pigs may look alike because they both have bristly coats, but their unique coats come from different genetic changes. Here are some points tell them apart:

Coat Texture: The fur of a Teddy guinea pig is softer, like it bounces back when you touch it. But, the fur of a Rex guinea pig feels rougher and bounces back in a different way because it also a curly haired guinea pigs breed.

Fur Direction: Brushing a Rex guinea pigs fur forward makes it spring back upright because it grows toward the back. A Teddy guinea pigs fur lies flat when brushed forward because it grows toward the front.

Eye Fringe: A Teddy guinea pig has a line of fur above its eyes where hair grows in two different directions – forward and backward. But a Rex guinea pig doesn’t have this line of fur.

Teddy and rex

Rex and Teddy guinea pigs have different fur textures and growth directions, making them distinguishable. Rex guinea pigs have coarser, springy fur that grows backward, while Teddy guinea pigs have softer, bouncy fur that grows forward. Teddy guinea pigs have an eye fringe, which Rex guinea pigs lack. Both types of guinea pigs have special qualities that people like, and that’s why they’re popular as pets for those who love guinea pigs.

Exploring the Color Variations of the Rex Guinea Pig

The Rex guinea pig is often likened to a potato due to its medium brown color. However, like other guinea pig breeds, Rex guinea pigs come in various colors, including gold, chocolate, red, cream, and white. They can also have multi-colored coat patterns like agouti or Dutch.’

Rex colors

Rex Guinea Pig Size Information

The Rex guinea pig is one of the largest breeds. On average, they typically measure around 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 centimeters) in length from their nose to the tip when fully grown. They can weigh between 2 to 3 pounds (approximately 0.9 to 1.4 kilograms). Individual sizes may vary, but this provides a general idea of their size as a breed.

Rex Guinea Pig Cost

Rex guinea pigs are more affordable pets than Peruvian Guinea Pigs and other costly pets. They are available from breeders at prices ranging from roughly $20 to $60. However, the price also depends on where you are buying from and the health condition of your pet guinea pig.

Rex Guinea Pig Care

Guinea pigs prefer calm places and do well in big outdoor hutches. Make sure a large hutch with room for them to explore, play, exercise and stay safe. Feed them food with lots of vitamin C, vegetables and fiber, watch what they eat, and always give them hay, fresh water, and guinea pig pellets.

Rex Guinea cage size

When you are choosing a cage for your Rex guinea pig, you should remember to provide them with enough space to live comfortably and perform activities. The larger enclosure you can provide for your cavy, the better because Guinea pigs are social animals, and they feel happy when they have sufficient space to move around, exercise, and play.

For a single Rex guinea pig, it is recommended to have a cage that is at least 8 square feet (0.8 square meters) in size, and the size should increase proportionally for more guinea pigs. Rex Cavies need their exercise, just like all of us needed. However, more space is always better as it makes it easier for your piggy’s to stay fit and healthy. More space means less stress for your cavies and fewer fights between them. Therefore, a larger cage will be easier for you to clean.

Exercise Space

Cavies are generally active and low-maintenance pets. Their activity level is a result of their ability to run and exercise. If you provide them with a good environment for play and exercise, they can showcase their active nature. Choosing a hutch and run combination is an excellent housing solution for Rex guinea pigs and other breeds.

Showering Your Rex Guinea Pig

If you keep your guinea pig clean, there is no need to shower your guinea pig. Bathing can be stressful for your pig, and it should only be done when necessary. When you start bathing to your Rex guinea Pig you must have to remember few things.

  • Prepare a safe showering area with a towel in bottom of your sink or other showering vessel.
  • Fill the area with about two inches of warm (not too hot) water.
  • Lower your cavies onto the towel, starting with its back feet, allowing it to settle on the towel.
  • Use a cup to gently wet your Rex guinea pig, avoiding its head to wet
  • Use a small amount of pet shampoo that formulated for small pets like guinea pigs or hamsters.
  • After this process dry your guinea pig with a towel.

You can watch complete process here.

Can you Brush Your Rex Guinea Pig?

Short-haired cavies like Teddy guinea pigs and Rex guinea pigs can enjoy brushing. Use a soft brush once or twice a week and brush your pig carefully.

How to trim your guinea pig nails?

Guinea pig nails can grow continuously and become harmful and infected if left untrimmed. Therefore, regular nail trimming is essential every four to eight weeks or as needed for fast-growing nails. You can buy pet nail clippers for trimming your guinea pigs nails.

Rex Cavies Health Issues

In this breed health issues are same like other guinea pigs:

  • Respiratory Infections
  • Dental Issues
  • Fatness
  • Skin Problems
  • Nausea Issues
  • Urinary Tract Issues
  • Eye Problems
  • Heat Stroke
  • Parasites
  • Stress-Related Illness

Pros and cons Rex Guinea pig

Unique AppearanceSkin Issues
Soft FurRegular Nail Trimming
Friendly and SocialSpecific Dietary Needs
Low Maintenance costSocial Needs
AdaptabilityRegular Veterinary


What is a Rex guinea pig?

The Rex guinea is one of the largest guinea pig breeds, with adults reaching up to 18 inches in length from nose to tail.

How do I distinguish a Rex guinea pig from other breeds?

The Rex guinea have short, curly fur that apart them from other breeds like Teddy guinea which have softer, bouncy fur.

How do you take care of a Rex guinea ?

Like all other guinea pig breeds Rex Cavies need a clean cage, vitamin C-rich diet, regular grooming, and access to hay, vegetables, pellets, and clean water.

Is Rex guinea OK for kids?

Yes like all other guinea pigs Rex pigs, known for their gentleness, can be good pets for children with supervision. They offer a great opportunity for kids to learn pet care responsibilities and enjoy their company as a first pet.

Can Rex guinea pigs live with other guinea pigs or pets?

These are social animals and enjoy the company of other guinea pig breeds.

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